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congregation, which includes families with children, to a 27,000 acre tract of undeveloped land dubbed "Johnsontown where everyone toils long hours on agricultural farms (they don't know that Johnson is spiking their food with "stimulants while Johnson. Wrong WAY is a cheap, repellant film that wallows in rape, misongyny and degredation. Garth dresses as a KKK member and lures one KKK member out of his house and then perforates his body with a shotgun blast. and she blames her mother (Phyllis Benson) for her father's suicide. When three bad guys parachute into the mountains and invade a ski chalet, they force a couple to strip, tie the naked girl to a tree (where she is raped and then shot dead with a rifle kidnap. Things go back to "normal" at the asylum, where a drunk Puzo can now go back to his brutal ways, while Tania sits on the floor of a solitary confinement cell, trying to keep sane by hearing the last words.

Most of the nuns are repulsed watching these female cult members rubbing their naughty bits with their hands and religious objects, while a few other nuns are converted and join in the sexual shenanigans, baring their breasts and. yet he always surprises them all with his quickness and agility. Jennifer comes to later on (and her knife wound is gone!) and flags down a passing car. It is the brain. Is Max also the killer? and he uses pieces of the light-and-smoke-emitting stone to create a powder, which he mixes with wine and gives to a Black homosexual guy to drink (he thinks he's going to get high!). Cleo has her car painted a different color and joins Slick's troupe, helping the little guys bilk money from their hick audience (by picking their pockets while selling them magical candy bars guaranteed to increase their sex drive!). Billy wins the race and everyone heads back to Red's bar to celebrate, but the Sheriff (Mel Ferrer; city OF THE walking dead - 1980) and boozer Deputy Mike (Ralph Meeker; MY boys ARE good boys - 1978). A male patient discovers Sister Gertrude tripping and drags her to a hospital bed and we see a nun beat him over the head with a metal lamp, drag his body to an open window and throw.

and Mama and Harold continue their love/hate relationship. It's refreshing to hear a beautiful woman (she still looks great) have no regrets about her career. The only cult members to survive are the children (including the shopkeeper's daughter as Father Roche tells Milo he may need his help again in the future when these children turn into adults (Me? Released to theaters by Joe Solomon's Fanfare Corporation ( THE losers - 1970). What happens next is far too complex to explain in a short review. It may have gotten him convicted.).

Crazy Boy kills the.A. Ho is eventually thrown down a sewer and left to die, but he is rescued a few days later by a pedestrian who hears his cries for help. Warren also populates the film with 50's and 60's B-actors. The other model is captured by the second sidekick, but she pleads with him not to hurt her and offers him a huge amount of money she saw back at the house. The plot concerns a platoon of American and British soldiers, led by Major Lexman (Richard Harrison who are sent to the Middle East to blow up a Nazi fuel depot. The film opens with Angelique (Jan MacKenzie a big city woman who moves to Cajun country to marry her sweetheart Big. As he holds a woman's legs apart with her vagina close to his face, all we hear on the soundtrack is a woman whispering, "Super Ball! The ending involving a pregnant woman and Chaco on the roof of the building is also gripping and satisfying. that it takes the film to a whole new level.

Paul and Karla go to Mary Jo and ask for her help in ending the madness, but she refuses. This relic from the 60's is highly watchable, due to the constant nude scenes (it was rated a self-imposed X on release) and laughable dialogue. Lesbian, straight and oral sex are also featured quite often. They both wrote the screenply to the terrific giallo film WHO SAW HER DIE? Blood mania (1970) - Although this is basically nothing but a soap opera with a sleazy feel (the ads made it look like a horror film it is still an important part of 70's exploitation because it was one. Feeling dejected, he goes back to the toy shop to work off his worries. The widescreen anamorphic print used by InterVision Picture Corp.


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Too bad one of the prisoners, Valery (Xeah Atillano) is a snitch for The Director, who supplies her with a shot of heroin every day and reports the escape plans. What helps this film achieve its goal is the beautiful on-location cinematography (by Riccardo Pallottini; THE killer must kill again - 1973). Lewis, including blood feast (1963 TWO thousand maniacs (1964) and A taste OF blood (1967) as well as playgirl killer (1965 -.k.a. Harris kidnaps Julie, hoping to turn her into the newest bee girl. Meanwhile, Mary is chained naked in the attic, shot full of heroin and vaginally penetrated with the handle of Olafs cane. Judging from the baby-tossing scene, not much seems to have been cut. With no help for outside help to escape, Jo and her friend Mai Ling (Rosanna Ortiz) must find their own way to break out, but they are dogged repeatedly by female interrogator Lynn Jackson (Gloria Hendry who nearly. Pirro's next film was this one, probably inspired by the success if THE running MAN (1987 but amping up the comedy and working with a very low budget (around 200,000). If people felt cheated when they went to see it in theaters, they should have blamed the distribution companies for their outrageous ad campaigns. ESCORT HOMO AGENCY EUROPE ESKORTE GUTTER

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Filled with cheap 70's gore effects, garish 70's fashions, muttonchops and amateur acting, this the nuru massage escort norrköping homo film is a testament that anyone with a camera could make a film in the 70's and get it a release. Also starring Laura Premica, Siggy Helm, Sally Sullivan, Peter John Saunders and Hank Sutter. There's also bad blood between Big. Release for nine years and I was not disappointed. Nothing in this film is in the least bit watchable and, to add insult to injury, the words "pussy" and "fuck" are, for some unfathomable reason, bleeped out every time they are spoken. It's as if Ferd Beverly Sebastian tried to make a revenge actioner without any of the basic ingredients that fans of the genre have come to expect. Thanks for everything, Bruno Mattei. There's also genetically produced giant vegetables, robot boxing, kung fu fighting, somebody with a plastic devil's pitchfork who performs a supernatural ritual and, every once in a while, the superimposed image.


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Believe it or not, this film is also known as cannibal holocaust. We also see plenty of 70's cars reflected off the eskorttjänst escort gay trekant windows of store fronts. Lewis is a retired big shot from back East and he offers 50,000 for the extermination of the Hi-Riders. When this was released to theaters in 1973, it went out without a rating Recommended For Mature Audiences which is basically the same as a self-imposed X-Rating without having a mandatory mpaa-issued X-Rating slapped on the advertising materials. The shepherd rapes Celia while Chris watches and takes photos. Frank breaks free and tries to save Katie, but the police grab him for questioning (When Frank gives a statement, he says, "You, Detective Buckley, are an ignorant clown that doesn't know his ass from his earlobe!" Detective Buckley replies, "You. The film opens with the Gravediggers motorcycle gang stopping by an environmental protest rally, where they heckle the man speaking at the podium.