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a feat indeed. The isthmus of Suez. Madame (msmall a, breve-dam. Ab bre vi a'tion ad ju di ca tion ad min is tra tion al lit er a tion a mal ga ma tion am pli fi ca tion ap pro pri a tion. Bring out the chariot.

A heap of straw. Ten demijohns of vitriol. In gal-lant meaning polite, the accent is on the second. Tear up the tares. Hal'i-but, quad'ran-gle, quad'ra-ture, quad'ru-ped, quad'ru-ple, qual'i-ty, quan'da-ry, quan'ti-ty. Coup D'ÉTAT (koo-da-tah. The arrival of the cars.

An attorney at law. Alle du ser under er her akkurat. Beau monde (bo mond. Des'tine, doc'trine, en' g ine, er'mine, fam'ine, jas'mine, mar'line, vac'cine (pronounced vak'sin ). Page 120 silent letters.


The day of Pentecost. Bis'cuit, cir'cuit, con'duit, guin'ea. Do not confound this sound with long. Do not run the risk. A paradigm or model. Ax'is, ba'sis, cri'sis, da'is, fi'nis, glot'tis, gra'tis, i'ris, mar'quis, or'ris, ten'nis, trel'lis. Let us talk as we walk. Words in which p and ph have the sound. El-e- g i'ac.

That of w in. A breed of sheep. The steppes of Asia are like our prairies. They build a house. Empty, ptshort i, breve s 'an, pseu'do At-tempt re-ceipt.

Call the girl with a caon her head. Stands for ten; it represents two fives placed vertically, thus. A bin for wine. She lost her moccasins. May it be perpetual. The plural of gallows is gallowses; but bellows is both a singular and plural noun In dough and though, ough has the sound of long. Exercise is a preventive of ill health. The pistil of a flower. Bor i Oslo-området, og bor enda hos foreldrene mine så er avhengig av at du har et sted å være og at det er i Oslo-området. Dar'ing, care'ful, par'ent, wel'fare.

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Sperm oil Which is the verb? A dupe of a duke. They hid in a cavern. A'lbum, a'lum, d'atum, f'orum, fsmall u, breve'lcrum, lsmall a, breve'rum, lu'strum, no'strum, oa'kum, qu'orum, ro'strum, spe'ctrum, str'atum, ve'llum. The hound found a grouse. Letters are divided into vowels and consonants. Finis is Latin for end. A fit of passion. The talon of a bird.

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gutter som vil bøsse knulle sex anonser Poultry is dear The yeoman shot the foeman. His perspicacity led him to anticipate the result. Words in which th has its aspirate sound, as in thin.
gutter som vil bøsse knulle sex anonser William's book is torn. "Augustus well knew says the historian, "that mankind are governed by names; and that they will, in general, submit to real slavery, if they are told that they are in the enjoyment of freedom." Straws swim on the surface; but pearls lie at the bottom. Ai has the sound of short a in plaid and rail'ler-y. Fill thy heart with goodness, and thou wilt find that the world is full of good. Meddle Page 133 not with my medal.

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Si'ne, without, as sine cure. A can of oil. As words beginning with wh will not unfrequently occur, the teacher's attention is particularly invited to the correct enunciation of this combination, the aspirate in which is too orten omitted altogether. That's right: you've done this exercise well. Ache, chasm, chord, chrome, chyle, co n ch, scheme, school, loch, chrism.-An'arch, a n 'chor, arch'small i, macronves, cha'os, chem'ist, chlo'rshort i, brevene, chol'er, cho'rus, chron'ic, dis'tich, drach'ma, ech'o, ep'och, lich'en, mech'lin, mon'arch, or'chis, psmall a, breves'chal, sched'small u, macronle, schshort i, brever'rus.

The same state as before. Con'sti-tute, ex'e-cute, in'sti-tute, sub'sti-tute. Hvis du liker å se jenter bli pult så er dette akkurat den rette websiten for deg. Words ending in ate, the a having an obscure sound of long. Cu'bit, du'cal, du'rance, du'ty, hu'mid, mu' s ic stu dent, stu'pid, Page 62 stu'por, su'et, tu'lip, tu'mid, tu'msmall u, brevelt, tu'nic, u'nit-Cos'tume, del'u g e, for'tune, glob'ule, gran'ule, leg'ume, prel'ude, psmall u, breves'tule, ref'u g e, stat'ute, trib'une, trib'ute, vol'ume. A relic of the lost one. Those who absent themselves are absent. The sun is now vertical. You did it ably.

The peasant stood on the heather. The defendant is he who defends; the plaintiff is he who complains. Deb'o-rah, Dor'o-thy, E'dith, El'ea-nor, E-li'za, E-liz'a-beth, El'len, Em'i-ly, Em'ma, Em'e-line, Es't h er, Esmall u, macron' g e-nie, Eu'nice, Fan'ny, Fran'ce s, Han'nah, Har'ri-et, Hel'en, Hen-ri-et'ta, I s -a-bel'la, Jane, Jo' s eph-ine, * * The i in Josephine has the sound of e long. A train of cars. A protégé of Mrs. An'nu-al, ca s 'u-al, man'u-al, mu'tu-al, nat'u-ral, nu'mer-al, oc'cu-pant, pet'u-lant, punc'tu-al, rit'u-al, sens'u-al, virt'u-al.-Ef-fect'u-al, e-vent'u-al, ha-bit'u-al, per-pet'u-al.-In-di-vid'u-al. Bead, beak, beam, bean, beard, beast, bleach, bleak, blear, bleat, breach, brea th e, cease, cheap, cheat, clean, cleave, cleat, cream, crease, deal, dream, each, ear, east, eaves, fear, fleam, freak, gleam, glean, heal, heat, lead, leaf, leap, lease. A-bom'i-na-ble, im-per'me-a-ble, in-ev'i-ta-ble, in-ex'o-ra-ble, in-ex'pli-ca-ble, in-ex'tri-ca-ble, in-im'i-ta-ble, in-sep'a-ra-ble, in-ter'mi-na-ble, in-vul'ner-a-ble, ir-rep'a-ra-ble. The annals of the city.

Swerve not to the right or left. An annular form is that of a ring. He walked on with a peculiar gait to the great gate. Page 152 Adjectives ending in able, ible, denote passive capacity; as ami able, flex ible. They are balloting for a speaker.

Bourn, course, court, four, gourd, mould (or mold moult, mourn, pour, soul, source. She will char her hand Page 16 18 An old post. Write in my album. An-neal ap-peal, ap-pear, ap-pea s e, ar-rear, be-nea th, be-quea th, be-speak, be-reave, bo-hea, con-ceal, con- g eal, de-cease, de-feat, de-mean, di s -ea s e, dis-plea s e, en-dear, en-treat, im-peach, mal-treat, mis-lead, re-lease, re-peal, re-peat, re-treat, re-veal. NOM DE plume,. A criminal has committed a crime. (fifty) does. Ar-is-toc'ra-cy Words ending in ace, as, ase, ass, ast. Turn the grindstone (also pronounced grsmall i, brevend'stone ). The banks will not discount my note.

A lark in a dark barn. I can go no farther Garnet is a gem. The reälization of my hopes. A silicious or flinty earth. To opine is to think. The town is in a ferment.

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